Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Yamaha Soul GT Dance Bettle Competition

who's this little pretty girl ? lol :D i just wanna make memory before competition. and voilla ! this's the picture. cutie right ?!

this is when we dance. the music begin to play and we just pose. so this is our innocent face :$

hahaha my wild face is thereee ! ow look at that face haha, i was laughing look at my seriously face 

yeah this is 3 angel coming. it's Android Dancer. we come from heaven :/

this is me again in solaria. myboyfriend Deky take it for me :*

so this's what Android do after competition. eating and take photos haha

this is session of bettle. we're no fear, i trust we can

second grad ?? never mind !

and they are the campion and her boyfriend hihi :*

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