Senin, 04 Juni 2012

hey i just wanna share about saturday and sunday 9 - 10. there's dance competition, 9 June at Mall WTC Batanghari, 10 June at Mall Jamtos. And Android dancer participant in that competition. But This time we're personal no longer three, we incrtease add 2 more that Deddy and Via. we asked for prayers to our Andromeda (Android's fans). and we wish Android can participant to in Let's Dance Palembang on July. Nothing is more fun than Dancing. my aspire is be a Professional dancer in this entire world. In dance competition (this week) there's battle competition. it makes me much emotional to see my enimie's face. i wish i can control every single move, i don't wanna fail it and go home being a loser. well i think it's enough. i will share about this again after competition, whis the result is good . o:)

In Old House

Oto Bento

it takes in Oto Bento, Mall WTC. we always visit my favorite restaurant. hmm..

black theme

what i wear : 
  • black mini dress
  • black stocking making you sexy with mini dress
  • black highheels
  • accessories : white bling necklace, red and black bracelets, blue ring
  • make up : i wear black eyeshadow and pink lips, pink making you looking more sexy ;)