Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

breakf-asting with pals

break-fasting together with pals is so much fun ! i laugh until i get stomache haha. they are so crazy, you must know them. well we choose Roolies for our place. the place is so small for us because we are too much. but it's okay we accept that, unless we still get happy. there's some photo for you to see. let's get closer !


guys this are my best pals ever. there's Justin (mid down), Deddy (right down), Ema (left up), Rito (mid up), Pia (right up). they look beauty and handsome

i never forget to take much pict with my boyfriend. hihi. we are adorable (i think). love all our photos in here. so cute and chic !

times like stopping when it. i never forget this amazing break-fasting. hug !

mademoiselle in pink

i wanna show you my new velvet wedges. actually i got it in sale with my friends haha, but sssttt keep my secret. i don't how high my wedges, and i must be so so careful to do anything. it's not comfort, you know. but it still my amazing wedges. and i'm the lucky one who get it hihi. 


 haha deky take my pict and i don't now. but i love my hair in this photo. god job dear :*

 i have straight and slippery hair. it's looks like a shampoo's model. woo wonderful hair !

 it is my wonderful pose because it is so difficult pose like this with wearing my highest wedges. but it for totality, a bit hurt doesn't matter :')

 it's my navy blue moustache ring and american flag ring

 holla ! let me introduce you my highest wedges

 in front side

 this is our lovely photo hihi :*

what i wear:

  • pink croptee top
  • and i wear long pants denim and i fold it
  • black high velvet wedges 
  • young blue bullets necklace
  • colours bracelets
  • navy blue moustache ring and american flag ring 
  • and last colopurful headband

blue electric ciffon

 there's some trouble when i wear attire like this. jambi still and old-fashioned and i really hate it. so we take a pict sober. cause i feel very angry when it. i hope it can inspire you. i'll my best for fashion cuase i'm a fashionable. don't be shy, enjoy ! :)


what i wear :

  • blue croptee ciffon as my top
  • and i wear a white one-piece inside
  • i wear short denim as my pants
  • and i'm not forget adding sock with love pattern
  • and the last i wear black studded leather shoe 
  • and it will suitable with jewelry

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

some trouble happen !

there's a big trouble in shooting process. but i don't wanna tell you guys. too complicated. so this is some photos before i get badmood. please enjoy it ! :)

 actually guys this is my favorite glasses :)

what i wear :

  • white ciffon as a top
  • i choose black lace mini skirt
  • and i match it with red stocking for give a little touch of colour
  • and i wear leather gloves with fur
  • orange bow belt
  • an my favorite brown glasses