Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Yamaha Soul GT Dance Bettle Competition

who's this little pretty girl ? lol :D i just wanna make memory before competition. and voilla ! this's the picture. cutie right ?!

this is when we dance. the music begin to play and we just pose. so this is our innocent face :$

hahaha my wild face is thereee ! ow look at that face haha, i was laughing look at my seriously face 

yeah this is 3 angel coming. it's Android Dancer. we come from heaven :/

this is me again in solaria. myboyfriend Deky take it for me :*

so this's what Android do after competition. eating and take photos haha

this is session of bettle. we're no fear, i trust we can

second grad ?? never mind !

and they are the campion and her boyfriend hihi :*

story of my life

i have no idea now. i wanna tell you a part of my story life. my real name is Dini Pebrina, but me and my bestfriends have a stupid name Dinchywz -_- haha. i was born at 06 February 1994, yeah i am 18 and almost 19 now :$. i'm a teenage girl who likes to be creative haha it's only my opinion.

i love dance , it's my hobby and i just let it go. actually dance can makes me feel better when i'm in a deep confuse. recently i love singing, i think my voice is good ehemm.. singer is not bad too, may be i should try much any activity.

i'm a normal girl too. and now i really mad in fashion. sometimes i think i'm crazy. my mom tell me that i like a celebrity but in fact i just ordinary girl that have a luckyly haha. i try to creat a new style but still in own style. i don't wanna stuck and lost myself. it's really sadden.

you know guys ! i love eating haha. i know fast food is good but for me indonesian food is my taste. specially my mom's food nyam.. nyam.. it will gain my weight ( i hope no !). and i love to if my boyfriend take me out to eat hahaha, I CAN'T SAY NO !

my boyfriend is deky omedi. we're in relationship since 14 April 2011. it have been 1 year :) every day we spend my time together. he's like boyfriend, friend, and family. he have all that i want :*

woohoo a little biography of me hihihi. get closer with me okay ;) - @dinipebrina

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

* A&W *

for this time, this photos is not about fashion. i just share about my friend and our joke activity. there's Deky Omedi my hubby :*, Imma Gustina, Rito Nasution. we spent time together and it's reaaalllyy reeaaallly fuun HAHA !

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

blue vintage

it's my favorite one. this jampsuite is tha unique and nice one. i match it with black stocking. this photos is taken @ Taman Anggrek Jambi. big Theings to my photografer Deky Omedy. well here some photos of mine ;)

 it's Louise Vuitton rings. you can get it @ Dinchywz Fasion. yes right i sell it guys. so if you wanna get one for you, you can ask me okay.

what i wear :

  • blue jampsuite with vintage style, it's back to vintage
  • black stocking, but brown stocking will make it really vintage. trust me !
  • don't forget to wear belt, it ofteb need in your style, and i choose black one for this time
  • channel watch (white)
  • bracelets
  • Luoise Vuitton Ring
  • i wear black shoes with brown sole, this shoe is so vintage. you can match it with another shoes that vintage