Senin, 30 Juli 2012

through the balloon

i'm appreciate for my boyfriend as my photografer @dekyomedii for always support me. it's kind of deky's photos and editing too. enjoy please ;)

 guys this is my most favorite shoe ;)

 what i wear :

  • i wear dark blue mini dress for my costume
  • and i wear red stocking as a legwear
  • i wear my favorite black shoe
  • and more accessories and balloon

part of me

hello, mosi-mosi, holla, bonjour !
this is part of my photos, still about dance. in my blog you will meet so much information about ANDROID dance and our costume. doesn't matter if you wanna ask me ;) enjoy please

 this pisture is taken in Telanaipura Jambi. there's some events there. but they ask us to flash mob.

 chicken porridge is one my favorite food ! oh my it's fasting -_- calm down dinc --"

 can you see ? the money i hold ? haha i was so happy in that day. thank you so much God for making Android Dancer as the Runner Up

good girl gone bad

Sylvia's Castle

woah what a cutie teenanger. guys let me introduce to you my real bestfriend. @immagustina and @piaarapev. it's the day when we spend our time just three. i don't need comment, i think we already perfect haha. so enjoy some of our nasty photos ;) 

well this make up i create by my self. i just try to match between dark brown and black, and i combine with red liptick

what i wear :
  • its T-shirts with such materials spandek but with a softer image in the middle
  • Doc Mart shoe, actually that's my new shoes
  • i wear black earring, blue necklace, red and black bracelet, and 2 pieces rings
  • FYI i wear panties but i hide it so it looks like you don't wear panties