Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Cherry Belle show in Jamtos

As a winner ANDROID dancer will be a guest star in Cherry Belle show. we must total in make-up and our custom. so i'll do my best.

you know i make it by myself. i love make-up and i can make over you all. what do you think ? isn't it so beautiful hihi

Jamtos Birthday

There's a dance competiton when Jamtos Birthday. what is Jamtos ? Jambi Town square, that a mall in Jambi. so much competition at there's like dance competition, parade band, baby dancing, lipsync, Jamtos top model, and so much games and door prize there. okay i take some picture. let's we see.

 because Justin be a jury, so we only 2 me and pia. wuff i feel weirdly -_-. nope ! we stay cool forevah !

 haha there's funny photos. but we're not a winner but we still happy :D

ANDROID DANCER be the second winner. it's alright ! but you know we only get Rp 300.000. that's really fvckin bulshit !

ANDROID in practising

guys this is ANDROID DANCER. we have practising for competitision. do you know where is it ? this place is Governor's Office in Jambi. isn't it so much beautiful. i'm with Justin and Pia. Andromea waiting for us. Andromeda is name of our fans hihihi. always support us guys !

love glasses

holla again  my fashion huter ! keep watch and visit my site. don't forget to joining too :) alright in this session i try to look more girlie and feminime. i match white and red.And i buy love glasses from online shop. i really love it ! and it will be my favorite one hihi. owkay enough for talking. let's stalking now, i wish it can inspire you in fashion. enjoy ! :*

guys this is my new stuff. in left my lipstick ring, in right the diamond ring, and last is my guitar necklace. it's amazing isn't it ? i love them so much !

this is my new white heels. i choose white because my shoes almost black ! so this will be make me colourful 


what i wear :

  • white tank top ciffon with bow in shoulder
  • red long span skirt
  • yellow vitage bag
  • my new white heels
  • i wear red glove as an accessories
  • don't forget to wear sock to complished your fashion
  • diamond ring, lipstick ring, guitar necklace
  • and you look so much beautiful with make-up