Jumat, 07 September 2012

galaxy day !

today i wanna share about GLAXY ! the colour is absurd but it is so entertain. galaxy colour is fabulous now. for some example I introduce you galaxy shoes, galaxy shirt, glaxy leggingws. they so colourful and also wonderful. guys for your information don't forget to join and follow my site owkay ! let's we see this wonderdul photos 


Minggu, 02 September 2012

who love studded ?

today is studded. i love studded outfit and i know you so. so this are some photos for your inspire. keep watch ;)

yell-ow ??

what i wear :

  • yellow blazzer as an outer
  • yellow flower tanktop
  • yellow formal skirt
  • brown bow belt
  • white  bullet necklace
  • black vintage shoe

soft and calm

what i wear :

  • white borkat shirt with long hand
  • soft pink mini skirt
  • black stripes stocking 
  • black vintage shoe
  • brown vintage glasses
  • dream catcher necklace
  • angel wings ring
  • pink flower earring
  • red hermes belt