Senin, 30 Juli 2012

good girl gone bad

Sylvia's Castle

woah what a cutie teenanger. guys let me introduce to you my real bestfriend. @immagustina and @piaarapev. it's the day when we spend our time just three. i don't need comment, i think we already perfect haha. so enjoy some of our nasty photos ;) 

well this make up i create by my self. i just try to match between dark brown and black, and i combine with red liptick

what i wear :
  • its T-shirts with such materials spandek but with a softer image in the middle
  • Doc Mart shoe, actually that's my new shoes
  • i wear black earring, blue necklace, red and black bracelet, and 2 pieces rings
  • FYI i wear panties but i hide it so it looks like you don't wear panties

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